About Us

2 december 2019

On November 15, 2019, Life Force Ukraine was renamed to LIFE BIOCHEM (LIFE BIOCHEM TM). The rebranding was intended to reflect the essence of the trade and production company activities in domestic and foreign agricultural and industrial market more precisely.

New brand

Before 2018, Life Force Ukraine specialized in the production of bacterial products, biological products and humic products based on Leonardite for plant growing, animal husbandry and for people. All the time, the company intensified its efforts on the development and implementation of technical innovations and products that enable agricultural producers to improve the efficiency of their own agricultural production. Since the beginning of 2019, Life Force Ukraine has introduced technologically new developments on the market and has begun production of a new product line - amino chelates. The reorganization process of the company, modernization and expansion of production capacities were conducted during this period. The result was a significant expansion of the product line and the company’s ability to produce customized products of any complexity of both agricultural producers and trading companies. Considering the fact that beginning from 2019 the product line of Life Force Ukraine includes not only humic, bacterial and bio-complex products, but also amino chelates and surface-active materials, and with the aim to reflect the company operations more accurately, it was decided to change the brand to LIFE BIOCHEM.

Life-BioChem includes high-tech factories of HBO Life Factory (Research and Production Association) and НВО Ahrobioinovatyka (Research and Production Association). Modern production allows to produce stably high quality products. Thanks to a powerful scientific base, our company has its own unique developments of both complete products and the up-date and well-known methods of using substances. The products of our company combine the principles of intensive farming with environmental responsibility. Our products are certified by the Organic Standard authority.

These days, the company has the ability to produce customized products of any complexity of both agricultural producers and trading companies.

We work to get ahead of the requirements of agricultural producers and satisfy their demand for ecologically friendly and effective products.