Seminar at the Sinelnikovskaya Experimental Station

On June 13, 2019, at the experimental field of the Sinelnikovaya experimental station, a seminar was held with the producers of the area. The directors and agronomists of the farms, representatives of the local media and the regional leadership of the agricultural department arrived. In 2019, about 70 winter wheat and barley varieties are studied here. Attention is paid to the influence of the sowing time on the yield of crops, the dependence of the crop on mineral nutrition, the use of growth stimulators and microelements, including the products of our company. After welcoming the guests, Vladimir Sereda, director of the experimental station, gave the floor to a researcher, Nikolai Solodushko. In his report, Nikolay Solodushko spoke about the features of this season and their impact on crop cultivation, paid attention to promising varieties of winter wheat, gave recommendations on sowing dates and norms for the use of mineral fertilizers. They especially noted the positive influence of our products on the development and productivity of winter wheat and the prospects for the use of bio- and humic products in the cultivation of agricultural crops.


Then the agronomist LIFE BIOCHEM, Alexander Ishchenko, spoke in detail about the LIFE BIOCHEM products, drawing attention to their differences from analogues on the market. New products were presented in detail: “Humate 500” and “Antistress 03“. Alexander Ishchenko also shared his experience in restoring the vegetation of seemingly hopeless crops affected by the application of plant protection products. Separately, the positive effect of the biofungicide NMC-PP “PLANT PROTECTION” in the fight against pathogens was shown.