Field Day “SERPEN” (Poltava Oblast)

On September 10, LIFE BIOCHEM took part in the field day, which took place in the Poltava Oblast and was organized by our partner – the SERPEN company. The companies “August”, “Lidea”, “Agronta” and “MAS Seeds” were also invited to the event.
A warm autumn day, excellent organization of the event, lack of vacant seats in the well-equipped pavilion for presentations… numerous heads and agronomists of farms gathered.
And then – a busy day, a presentation of corn and sunflower hybrids, plant protection products, micronutrient fertilizers. Visitors were interested in products and recommendations of LIFE BIOCHEM agronomists-consultants. During the half-hour presentation of our products, we had the opportunity to learn about the advantages of using natural microbial complexes, humates and amino-chelate complexes, both for foliar nutrition of plants and for seed treatment before sowing.
We thank the management of the company SERPEN for organizing a wonderful event 🙂